Guy Goes Into His Room And Finds A Cat Has Given Birth Under His Bed – It's Not His Cat

Can you imagine it? You live alone and walk into your bedroom, just like you have a million times before, to grab a sweater. Suddenly, you hear a commotion under your bed. When you look, you find a cat you had never seen before who just gave birth.

Well, London-based filmmaker Paris Zarcilla no longer has to imagine such a scenario, because that is precisely what happened to him.


Other than a mystical portal, no one can figure out just how the mama cat found her way under his bed. However, That mystery pales in comparison to the monumental task that Paris now faces.

“I just found a cat that is not mine and it has had babies under my bed,” wrote Paris.

He wrote about the experience on Twitter and documented the entire thing for the world. And, oh boy, the world reacted.

Paris’ posts quickly went viral, as the world caught on to his deliciously adorable and unique story. His first post accumulated 127,000 likes and over 36,000 retweets.


— Paris Zarcilla (@ParisZarcilla) May 30, 2018

Luckily for everyone, the new #CatDad took a lot of photos of the adorable babies. It touches the heart to watch his progression on twitter.

Image via Twitter

Paris proceeded throughout the day to let everyone in one exactly how he was feeling about the entire experience, and it’s nearly as adorable as the kittens under his bed.

Image via Twitter


A vast majority of us, especially those who hang out here at Animals Being Cute, understand precisely what Paris was going through that day.

Image via Twitter

Luckily for everyone, Paris also took a ton of pictures of the adorable family, as well.

Cuteness update: I’m dying.

— Paris Zarcilla (@ParisZarcilla) May 30, 2018

Paris tried as hard as he could to express how he was feeling that day.

Just cancelled my order for comics and single malt whiskey. Now buying cat food. This is fatherhood yo! I’m here for this

— Paris Zarcilla (@ParisZarcilla) May 30, 2018

If only everyone on the planet had as much empathy for these helpless babies as Paris did, the whole world would change.

I feel like the veil of the universe is being lifted slightly. Like, I feel high. Is this what it feels like to have a child? I think I’m falling in love. Fuck.

— Paris Zarcilla (@ParisZarcilla) May 30, 2018

Paris even alluded to having depression and anxiety problems. Like a lot of us, though, he seems to have noticed that the kitties had an immediate effect on him.

Image via Twitter Image via Twitter

How adorable is #CatDad, right?

I think I’m living the best day of my life. Wait, no. Actually fuck it yes I am. This is the best :’)

— Paris Zarcilla (@ParisZarcilla) May 30, 2018

Paris went from having zero pets to having a mama cat and her babies under his bed. Instead of freaking out, he had the best reaction ever.

Literally re-emerging from underneath the bed. Possibly now as a different person. Reborn as #CatDad. Wiser. Hairy-er. Learning secrets of the universe and life through the unexpected birth of these gaddamn fluff miracles. Praise be to the Cat Gods. Meow

— Paris Zarcilla (@ParisZarcilla) May 30, 2018

The world would change overnight for all of our beloved four-legged friends if everyone treated animals the way that #CatDad did.

I have run the gamut of human emotion today. Unexpectedly discovered more than kittens but also the hidden depths of my own capacity to love. Cat Twitter, thank you. You’ve been a wonderful source of support. My brain has divided by 0 so #CatDad must sleep. More tmrw. Much love x

— Paris Zarcilla (@ParisZarcilla) May 30, 2018

Paris has even been attempting to name the new fur babies and adorably giving them gamer stats.

Coming in at the heaviest is the black and white kitten weighing in at 170g. The Rickon Stark of the babies. Aggressively average, impatient but loveable.

Lvl: 1HP: 30/30Attack: 15Defense: 10Cuteness: 100+Sex: Male

Nature: Adamant/Sleepy AF

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