12 Hairless Animals Don’t Tell Them That Bald Isn’t Beautiful

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As animal lovers, most of us can’t imagine life without our furry and four-legged friends. However, around 15 percent of the population is allergic to dogs, and a full 30 percent is allergic to cats. A lot of those people with allergies have them seriously enough that a furry pet isn’t an option. Luckily, though, since most of the allergens come from dander in the fur, allergic people can opt for hairless animals like a hairless Syrian hamster.

We located some of the most adorable bald critters on the planet. Some of them you can even take home as your very own.


We found some examples that prove that hairless animals can be just as beautiful as the fluffiest of fluffy. Now, not all of these animals can be pets, of course, but every single one of them is beautiful in our eyes.


First, let’s talk about many people’s favorite of the hairless animals, the hamster. Unlike some of the other hairless animals on the list, a breeder did not create the hairless Syrian hamster.  Instead, it is a genetic mutation that affects the layer of skin where the hair follicles reside.

The skin on a hairless hamster is porous and will feel sticky from time to time from the natural oils it needs. And if you get one of these hamsters, they do require a bit of special care.

On a hairless animal, the skin is very delicate, so soft bedding is essential. Avoid getting anything abrasive to keep in their cage. Also, make sure they eat enough food to help them keep their metabolism up. A few good ideas are cat food, eggs, and chicken. Also, you have to keep them warm in the winter with a heater used very safely.


It’s not just cats and dogs that come without fur, of course. You can get all sorts of cute little critters that won’t make your nose run or your eyes itch.

There are two different type of hairless guinea pigs you can find these days. The Skinny Pig has a bit of hair like the girl in our photo. Or you can pick up a Baldwin Guinea Pig, which is entirely bald.

Now, scientists originally bred these beauties to use them in experiments. So, if you are in the market for one, make sure that you find a reputable breeder. The reason for the caution is if the breeder isn’t reputable, their immune systems suffer. However, overall, these little piggies are generally hardier than their furry counterparts.

Here’s a guide to how to pick an ideal guinea pig as your newest pet.


Now, don’t get too excited, there’s not really a market for hairless rabbits. You see, this happens mostly by accident or inbreeding. Sarah Giers from Pet Rabbit World said a gene called the “fur less” gene causes rabbits to be hairless.

Now, most of the time if a rabbit has the fur less gene, they will eventually grow some hair. Sadly, a lot of the babies that are born this way, though, fail to thrive and they die young. They aren’t quite as hardy as their counterparts. However, if you get very lucky, perhaps you will stumble upon a hairless bun bun to call your own.


Next on our list is one for all the cat-lovers out there — this particular hairless animal is called a Sphynx. Don’t tell this kitty it’s not beautiful, take a look at those eyes

There are many different breeds of hairless cats. The Sphynx came about in the seventies by breeding different hairless cats with Rex cats. You can find a Sphynx in any color combination you can imagine. Instead of fur, you get a magnificent “suede-like” coat with an adorable wrinkly face.

As a breed, Sphynx’s have a reputation of being curious, hilarious, and a ton of fun.


Of course, we wouldn’t dream of leaving dog-lovers out of the mix. While you can find many different hairless dogs, the Chinese Crested came here from Africa via China sometime around the 13th century.

This breed of dog is a combination of “playful pixie, gentle lapdog, and sensitive companion.” They are great family pets, and they are very willing to please.

Remember, though; these hairless animals don’t have built-in coats. So, they are not meant to be outside dogs and during the winter, you definitely have to get them a little coat to keep them warm.


Obviously, you aren’t going to have a hairless raccoon as a pet. However, when we found this gorgeous creature’s photo, we knew it belonged here.

We don’t know exactly what causes this to happen to a raccoon, of course. However, most experts think it might be alopecia (sudden hair loss, even humans have this) or a genetic mutation of some sort.

We know one thing for sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we think this is one gorgeous creature — even without the fluffy tail. Hopefully, this bald beauty lives somewhere very warm.


Next up is a hairless animal that you absolutely can have as a pet — a hairless rat. Of course, a rat isn’t everyone’s idea of the perfect pet. However, if you give them a chance, you might be surprised.

These hairless, or Sphynx rats usually come with very little to no hair at all. It’s all depends on their genetic makeup, of course. Sometimes, these beauties don’t even have whiskers. Now and then, these rats will have a tiny bit of fuzz.

If you are interested in getting one of these as a pet, there are a few considerations. You need to bath these boys, first of all, with baby soap. Just like with the hamsters, you have to make sure that their diet is rich in things that will promote a healthy metabolism, as these rats work overtime to produce enough heat.

The best part is that you can make them little sweaters to wear when it gets too cold.


Next up is a dog related to the Chinese Crested called the Xoloitzcuintli. You pronounce the word, “show-low-eetz-kweent-lee,” or Xolo for short.

Reportedly, this fascinating creature used to “serve as a guide to the underworld.” However, these days the breed is known for its calmness as well as being a watchful companion.

Like the Chinese Crested, the Xolo requires a bit of extra special care. First, you can’t let these out in the sun for too long, because they will get a sunburn. Secondly, they can’t be left outside when it’s cold, and you need to get them a little jacket.


Next on the list of hairless animals is one that should have a fluffy tail like the raccoon, but does not — a hairless squirrel.

Obviously, most people don’t have a squirrel as a pet. And like the raccoon, we can only guess as to why these guys are bald. However, being mysterious doesn’t make them less beautiful, that’s for sure.


Of course, we aren’t going to let our resident cat-lovers down. Next up, we have another hairless kitty cat called a Peterbald cat.

In many ways, a Peterbald cat is like a Sphynx, with many of the same needs. However, these gorgeous creatures are a breed all their own.

Originally from Russia, there are five different variations of Peterbald cats with coats of varying lengths. These cats must stay indoors, and it’s imperative that you make sure they stay warm.


Next on the list is another animal you can’t have as a pet, but you are going to want to — a hairless wombat.

This little beauty became an overnight sensation when someone posted this photo online.

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#HairlessWombat #newfave lmao

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With her adorable little smile and cute little face, this photo went viral overnight and even became part of a photoshop contest on Reddit.


Finally, we round out the list with a guy that looks perhaps a little intimidating at first – a hairless chimpanzee. Of course, once you look at him for a second, you realize he’s just as gorgeous as the rest of them.

Just like humans, chimps can have alopecia (hair loss), and that’s what happens to these guys.

We don’t think these guys know they look any different from their peers and we certainly aren’t going to be the ones to tell them, either.



Perhaps a strange and foreign looking creature like the ones we just talked about isn’t for you, and that’s okay. Just remember, for the thousands of people that can’t have a fluffy pet, these animals provide companionship and love. And everyone deserves to have that in their life, provided they are willing to care for the animal properly.

Do you know of a hairless animal that we missed on our list? Tell us about it in the comments.

Featured Images (L) from thehairlessmenagerie via Instagram and (R) from pretty.princess.peach via Instagram

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