Hairless and starving this dog goes through a transformation that you will have to see to believe


Recently, a group called Animal Aid helped a dog in need. But this particular dog was not only in need but rather desperate. Although at first, this story is heartbreaking, this pups transformation will completely shock you, especially if you see the video below. 

During a routine day for Animal Aid, they came across a dog. However, this case was different than every other they had ever seen. Perhaps, it was the worse situation they had have ever encountered. As they got closer to the frightened dog, the rescuers could not believe their eyes. In front of them, a dog hid covered in scabs, fleas, and maggots. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he had no fur. It was a truly horrific sight. On the bright side, this poor dog was about to receive the rescue he had long awaited. The rescue team headed back to the rescue center and took the sickly dog with them.


When the dog arrived at the rescue center, he received immediate treatment. First, the team addressed the situation. They realized the poor pooch had a huge hole in his back filled with maggots, so they gave him medical powder. Along with treating the hole, the team gave the dog fluids for his severely dehydrated body.


After about three days, the team finally bathed the dog. If you watch the video below, you can observe the pain he was in. Ultimately, he had to endure the pain in order to survive. Once he was fully treated, the healing process began. During the process, he endured some hardships. In the end, his transformation was unbelievable.


Without Animal Aid, Mr. Teddy Bear, as they now call him, would not be alive, let alone thriving. Now that Mr. Teddy Bear has fully healed, his life has taken a turn in a new direction. He spends most of his days at Animal Aid playing with and loving on others. Just watch the video below to see his transformation!



Make sure to share Mr. Teddy Bear’s transformation with others. Also please think about donating to Animal Aid to help animals like Mr. Teddy Bear!

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