Hate the thought of pets being euthanized? Well, there is something you can do to help

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During the Spring and Summer months, many cats and dogs have more babies. This increase is due to the animals going into heat. Most cats and dogs living on the streets are not spayed or nuetured, making it very easy for offspring to continue. Unfortunately, because the animals are going through this at high rates, lots of dogs and cats are left on the streets. After the animal rescue gets ahold of them there are three paths these homeless animals take. Either the pets get adopted, fostered, or euthanized.
If you are an animal lover like most of us, you do not want to see any pet suffer. Of course, any kind being would never want a cat or dog euthanized. So why not help stop this from happening? Even though many cats and dogs are not spayed, we can help in other ways.


So many animals in the shelter have medical issues. It is hard to treat pets when the shelters barely have enough to feed them properly. The minute a rescue enters the shelter, they need nourishment. If they are not properly helped, quickly they can become even worse.


Perhaps the most affected by the first day at the shelter are babies. Since they are so young and weak, they need formula almost immediately. Therefore, they are called “Bottle Babies.” Sadly, many shelters cannot afford the formula and or bottles. GreaterGood has partnered with shelters around the U.S. to help babies get fed properly, and not have to worry about getting euthanized.

Please watch the video below to see how a formula helps baby animals!

Snack time! Young kittens like us need to eat every 2-3 hours. You can make sure our bellies stay full by donating the special formula we need to grow big and strong during the virtual Kitten Shower. Click here to help fill our tiny tummies: http://bit.ly/2019KittenShower

Posted by San Diego Humane Society on Tuesday, March 19, 2019



If you are interested in helping babies get food, purchase PetAg formula feeding kits on behalf of shelters. It will truly make an impact on your animal community. Also, it will help individual animals avoid getting euthanized.

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