He Didn't Want A Dog. Until He Met This One And Fell In Love

Nashi is an adorable dog with an unforgettable face, but he’d been bounced from home to another. He was purchased from a pet shop in Japan at the tender age of five months old. But his new owner found him to be too much work and was planning to take him to a shelter.

Fortunately, Nashi’s soon-to-be-ex owner was going to the hair stylist. So she brought him along with her, telling Hiroko, the hair stylist, her plans to take Nashi to the shelter. Being kind-hearted, Hiroko knew Nashi’s chances of being adopted from a shelter were very poor. So she decided to adopt the beautiful puppy, she told The Dodo.

Rules Were Made To Be Broken For This Cute Dog

Problems arose, because her husband, Robert Hamilton, didn’t want the dog in the house and said she couldn’t keep him. Nashi would have to go to a new home. Don’t name the dog, and don’t get attached he said. Even so, he wound up being named Nashi, which in Japanese means “nothing.” She explained that the sentences “his name is Nashi” and “he has no name,” have the same meaning in Japanese.

But Robert seemed to forget his own rules. Man and pooch became fast friends and nine years later, the two are inseparable. Wherever Robert goes, Nashi goes. And really, who could give up such an adorable face? Certainly not me!

Things hit a bump recently when Hamilton rented a studio where he could work on his kimono design business. But the contract for the new studio specified that no pets were allowed. Since the two are inseparable, it wasn’t long before Nashi barked out of excitement while her dad moved his equipment into the studio. And of course, the landlord heard.

So the next day she asked Hamilton if he had a dog — and shocked him. In a good way.

“On my first day of actually working there, I left Nashi at home and knocked on the landlord’s door to formally introduce myself and give her a gift,” he said. “The FIRST thing she asked about was the dog — so I thought I was in trouble. But it turned out that she just really loves dogs, and she had been waiting to ask to meet him ever since she had heard the first bark.”

He ran back home and picked Nashi up so that she could meet him.

And this landlord is extraordinary. Hamilton worried that she was angry, but she wasn’t at all. She loves spending time with the beautiful little long-haired dachshund. She’d owned dogs all her life. But because she was elderly she worried about passing away and leaving a dog all alone. Nashi always tends to hang back when it comes to strangers, but he was more than happy to meet this kind woman.

She’s one of his favorite people, Hamilton says.

Of course, it helps that she visits him daily, and always brings treats but the little dog clearly loves her and they spend happy days together. They brighten each other’s days, and that’s truly lovely.

Featured image by Hiroko Hamilton via Instagram

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