He lost his cat during a massive pileup on the highway now he needs your help

Kevin Graves and his sister were on their way back to California from a cross-country trip when it happened. The two siblings were on I-41 when all of a sudden, boom — they were part of the most massive pileup in the state’s history.

Unfortunately, Kevin and his sister were traveling with their pets. Kevin had his cat in the car, and his sister had her dog.

His sister’s dog is okay. However, Bastet, Kevin’s cat, ran off at some point.

Image Screenshot from WBAY Action News Channel 2 Video

Now the man is worried he will never see his beloved cat ever again, and he needs your help.


So, here’s what happened:

There was no way Kevin and his sister could have avoided the pileup.

Image Screenshot from WBAY Action News Channel 2 Video

On February 24, at least 131 vehicles, including the one belonging to Kevin and his sister, crashed into each other in the largest pileup in Wisconsin’s history.

The pileup left 71 people injured and one person dead.


The two siblings didn’t crash only one time.

“We slid straight into the person, the car in front of us,” said Kevin. “That impact wasn’t that bad. We got hit from the back; that one was pretty impactful. Then, we got hit from the side, inwards; that smashed the hood, and I think that’s where I kind of realized it was rather serious.”

Image Screenshot from WBAY Action News Channel 2 Video

As you can see in the photo above, Kevin’s vehicle ended up in the middle of a pile of cars with the back window smashed out.

The opening left by that window is both how Kevin and his sister as well as Bastet the cat escaped from the car.


Image Screenshot from WBAY Action News Channel 2 Video

“I know the cat jumped in front of my legs after the first collision,” said Kevin. “I kind of lost track of her after that, except seeing her run backwards after the second collision.”

Kevin has been searching for Bastet ever since.


So, here’s how you can help.

Right now, the Human Society in the area put out humane traps and word is starting to spread.

Bastet does have a microchip.

If you live in the area, or you know someone who does, Kevin doesn’t plan to leave Wisconsin until he finds his cat.

If you have any information, please call (626) 340-1809.

Check out the video below: 

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Featured Image Screenshot from WBAY Action News Channel 2 Video

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