He spent the entire day making a cat door, now watch the kittens first try at getting through it.

If you are a cat lover and live with a cat or cats of your own, you can probably relate to a cat owner named Brian. Brian loves his cat Philo very much. So much so that he installed a cat door so that Philo could come and go from home as he pleased.

If you’ve ever installed a pet door, you probably know that it is a rather involved process. First, you have to cut a permanent hole in your existing door. Next, you go through the process of properly fitting the door into the hole that you just cut. Well, Brian did all of that. Now was the moment that he had been waiting for. Brian would introduce Philo to the door in the hopes that his cat would utilize it.

In the video, you can see that Philo is slowly making his way to the door. Philo hesitates, smells, and examines objects along the way. Then much to the delight of Brian, Philo heads for the door. Will Philo be able to get inside? Brian encourages and coaxes him verbally. Then something happens unexpectedly. Instead of going in the cat door, Philo reaches for the doorknob.

Philo Enters The House In A Shocking Way

Philo does indeed enter the house, but not via the newly installed cat door. Instead, Philo manages to turn the handle, open the door and enter the house as a human would. While Brian may or may not have felt disappointment, we aren’t sure. I was amazed at the intelligence of this cat. Sure, it is very funny! But the thought process that Philo went through is impressive.

I found it humorous that there are no more words from Brian as Philo opens the door. Was he speechless? We just don’t know. How would you feel if your cat entered your home the way that Philo did? Do you have a smart cat too? One thing is for certain and that is that Philo has made a lot of people laugh with his door-opening antics.

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