He Whispered 'Don't Die' – Can The Power Of His Love Save This Horse's Life?

There is nothing on this earth more terrifying than watching a child or an animal in trouble. Especially when they can’t tell you what’s wrong, or that they are okay — or not. When Marek Slodkowski entered his barn and saw that his beloved horse Freedom was in trouble, his heart sunk into his stomach and he had no idea what to do. Would the power of love between a man and his horse be enough to pull her through this emergency?


Everything about the day was pretty ordinary. Until, of course, Marek walked into the barn. When he saw that his horse Freedom had fallen through some floorboards and had become stuck in a pit, he realized the clock was ticking.

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If the farmer didn’t get Freedom out soon, he could lose her forever, and he knew it.

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First, he tried to fill the pit with hay.


Marek hoped that Freedom would be able to stand on the hay, gain some height, and step out on her own.

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Sadly, the hay didn’t work. Marik realized that Freedom was just absolutely exhausted and he was going to need more help. All through the video, which you can watch below, Marik speaks to Freedom. He continuously shows her affection and encourages her — she even takes some food, which was a good sign.

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At that time, Marek decided to call the fire department. Surely, with the help of many men, the farmer hoped he would be able to save his lovely horse.


Because absolutely everyone loves animals, it didn’t take long for the fire department to, “show up in force.” The firefighters formulated a plan to run their hoses under Freedom’s body. The idea was that they could use the hoses to lift the trapped horse out of that pit.

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Sadly, the angles were all wrong, and Freedom didn’t have the strength — so the firefighter’s plan failed, as well.


At this point, Marek started to really panic. In over a decade of owning horses, he had never had to deal with anything like this. So, in a last ditch effort, and at a total loss for more ideas, Marek sat down beside Freedom yet again. He proceeded to pat her gently and tell her over and over, “it will be okay,” and, “please don’t die.”

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The firemen were still on the scene, and it really seems like all hope was lost. Then, only seconds after Marek comforted Freedom, she started to stir.


In the video, you can hear Marek exclaim as she moved, and that was all it took. Everyone standing around jumped into action because Freedom was suddenly standing higher in the pit than ever.

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They knew that they needed to get her out quickly. This time, because Freedom got that jolt of energy from her dad, she was standing high enough in the pit, and she seemed alert enough. As soon as they strapped the hose around her behind and got her feet under her, she was out.

Freedom was finally free.

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It’s just awesome when love wins the day. Luckily for Marek and Freedom, one farmer’s love for his horse saved a life one sunny day in Poland. Watch the full video below.

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Featured Image from GoPro via YouTube Video

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