You Have To Hear This Cat, It's Just Too Funny

Sit down and be prepared to laugh.  Cat videos are funny even if you aren’t a cat person.  This tiny kitten has something to say, and it’s incredibly adorable. When asked questions like “are you cute?”  or “are you hungry?” she seems to answer with one word.

This tiny kitten has something to say, and it’s incredibly adorable when she is asked questions like:

“are you cute?”  or “are you hungry?”.  She answers with ONE WORD.

The kitten starts to get louder around 37 seconds when asked “are you a squirrel?”.  I would protest that questions also.

I know people that don’t own pets don’t seem to understand. But, they do communicate with us.  Maybe it isn’t with real words, but I can tell that this kitten wants something.  I’m sure if you are an animal lover you’ll be able to tell also.

By the end of this video, you are going to want to have a conversation with the feline closest to you and video it. If you don’t have one, I guarantee by the end of this video if you don’t have one already you will want a talking, lovable furball of your own.

The cutest Kitten around tells you exactly what’s on his mind!

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