Heartbreaking Footage Shows Raccoon Mourning Over Friend

Death is a difficult topic. Losing someone important in your life is devastating. The idea of never seeing a loved one again is really hard to fathom, especially if you saw this person almost every day. Never being able to touch or look at someone again is devastating. This raccoon felt the same way.

Usually, we think only humans can mourn. Of course, we think this because humans show obvious signs that animals don’t: crying, screaming, pouting and even more.

But do animals mourn too? The answer is yes they do. Animals have nerves in their bodies and can feel not only physical things but also emotional things. Dogs are a perfect example of animals who mourn. When their beloved owner dies, dogs show how mournful they are by whining.

Dogs aren’t the only animals to be sad after a friend dies. When a raccoon was found dead on the side of the road, his good pal came to his rescue, but not in time.

In a video that was posted and went viral, a raccoon was seen running to his friend’s side. Unfortunately, his friend (another raccoon) was already dead. The video shows the people carefully passing by the ‘roadkill.’ The drivers passing by definitely noticed the pair on the side of the road and they purposely slowed down out of respect.

Raccoons are extremely smart animals; they are very teachable and pretty tricky. These animals know how to escape cages and also how to get away with pretty much anything. So this raccoon was no exception; he knew what had happened.

As the alive raccoon paced around his friend he finally got the courage to touch his pal. When he did his reaction was saddening. He just sat there in shock waiting for his furry friend to get up. Little did he know that he would never get up again.

Be careful when you’re driving and don’t run over any furry friends even if they are rodents. Make sure to share this with friends!

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