Sick Dog Left To Die Alone On A Bridge–It Sends A Reminder To Us All

A lot of different dog breeds have had less than stellar reputations in my lifetime. I remember when Doberman Pinchers were the breed to fear, then it was Rottweillers for a while. But not one dog breed, however, has had the wholly undeserved bad reputation as that of the Pit Bull type breed of dogs.


Pit Bulls are no more prone to violence than any other dog, but that doesn’t stop haters from trying to take them down. The propaganda and false information that is out there about this breed are astounding.

As a matter of fact, would it surprise you to know that by and large Chihuahuas are much more likely to take a chunk out of your butt than a Pitt Bull? Well, it turns out that is indeed the case.

Sadly, because of their reputation, Pitt Bulls as a breed are abused and abandoned much more often than other breeds. You are about to meet a sweetheart of a dog that highlights exactly why Pit Bulls need our protection just as much as those cute little tiny dogs do.


One day, Hope For Paws got a phone call from a man named Gabriel Sepulveda. Gabriel was on his way home when he spotted something on the side of the road. Once he got pulled over and saw the dog, he knew he had to move as quickly as possible.

The dog was in terrible shape. He couldn’t walk on his own, and you can clearly see that he was starving. On top of that, he was also absolutely covered in thousands of ticks and fleas. The poor thing’s life before coming to that bridge must have been awful.

So, with the help of Lisa Chiarelli, Gabrial grabbed a blanket out of his car and wrapped up the poor fella to get him to the hospital as quickly as possible. On the ride to the vets, they gave him the name Dennis.


It took a team of people several hours to remove all the fleas from Dennis’ coat, they were absolutely everywhere, even in his mouth and ears. Dennis was also incredibly anemic, and another dog in the clinic donated blood to try and save him.

For five whole days, Dennis saw the best specialists in the area, and he fought hard for his life. Devastatingly, it wasn’t enough. On the fifth day, Dennis succumbed to his injuries.

His little body was too weak from all those years of abuse and neglect.

This is a harsh reminder that it is important to keep an eye out for things that don’t make sense. If you see an animal you think is being abused, please report it to the authorities. You can call the police or animal control, but please call someone.

Otherwise, that dog you ignore could end up dying alone on a bridge just like Dennis almost had to do.

Personal note: I cried so hard writing this article that I had a hard time getting done because I couldn’t keep my own Pit Bull out of my lap. My Sophie girl curled up and refused to budge until my tears dried away.

There are no bad Pit Bulls, only bad Pit Bull owners. Watch Dennis’ video below and please share to raise awareness about these beautiful dogs.

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