Heartbroken Dog Losses Best Cat Friend, 4 Little Kittens Show Up Her World Changes Again

Experiencing the death of a good friend is hard no matter what species you are.  One Malamute named Flora knew the pain of separation all too well. She had just lost her best friend, a 22-year-old cat named Dexter.

The pain was so great that she walked around acting lost and depressed.  The Williams Family of Kanab, Utah watched Flora grieve. “She spent many weeks outside, howling and depressed. It was really sad,” Jill Williams recalls.

Flora had already suffered from detachment issues after being surrendered to a shelter by her previous home and then rescued by The Best Friends Animal Society. After becoming a part of the William’s Family, Flora began to heal from the emotional pain of being re-homed. Williams explains, “She was extremely shy but over time, became the matriarch of our family.  And her calm, sweet disposition was just what our family needed.”

When Dexter, the rescue cat arrived at the William’s Family at age 20, the family knew they wouldn’t have too much time together.  Two full years though passed while Dexter and Flora became inseparable friends. Then the time came when Dexter passed on and Flora suffered another loss. The family tried to ease Flora’s pain by adopting two more cats, but the cats and Flora never did connect too well as friends. All seemed lost until the family adopted 4 kittens as a project for their children. Little did they know that the kittens were exactly what Flora needed.

“I truly think Flora is the kitten whisperer,” Williams says as she explains the bond Flora formed with the kittens almost immediately.

The kittens will not be staying because they will be put up for adoption and hopefully gain wonderful forever homes.  The family plans to keep fostering kittens with Flora’s help.

Watch this adorable video of Flora with her charges.

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