Heartbroken German Shepherd refuses to leave owners side, then they found out why

Dogs form bonds with each other in much the same way that humans do. There is the relationship that a mother dog has with her puppies. Father dogs also have relationships with their offspring when given the chance. Then there are sibling relationships that are so very important especially when the puppies are young. They learn from each other what behaviors are acceptable and which are not. There are bonded mates that include one female and one male. And then there are best friend relationships in the dog world. This is a story of a dog friendship that was over too soon.

This story takes place in New Jersey. Police officers were contacted that they take care of an animal situation on the shoulder of Interstate 280.

When the police officers arrived they found a grim sight. A Pitbull was dead, presumably from being hit by a vehicle. A faithful German Shepherd was alive and well, not wanting to leave the side of the lifeless body of her friend.

A police report stated, “With no owner in sight, [the officers] knew they had to get the shepherd off the highway, but she did not want to leave the other dog’s side. They eventually were able to get her out of harm’s way and into the back of a police car.”

It took quite a bit of coaxing to safely contain the German Shepherd. She was taken to a local animal shelter. Because neither the Pitbull nor German Shepherd had collars nor anyway to identify who they belonged to, they had no idea who the owner was.

It is hard to watch an animal mourn the loss of a friend. But they do in fact, morn in similar ways that people morn. Some dogs become depressed and others even give up on life and become ill. But the future looks bright for this German Shepherd. She could have also been hit by a vehicle, but she wasn’t. This sweet dog will hopefully find a new home with new friends. Maybe even a new canine friend will be in her future.

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