Heartbroken Woman Does The Only Thing She Can To Honor Her Furry Best Friend

Dogs play a huge part in our lives they comfort us, entertain us, support and love us.  For Lee DiBella, of Watertown, Connecticut she spent over 10 precious years with her dear sweet Brian.

Recently,  Brian passed away from pneumonia.  Even while she was heartbroken she still wanted to honor her best friend.

She thought what a better way than to create an obituary that would share all of Brian’s funny little quirks.  She wrote a heartfelt memorial to him and sent it off to the Town Times a local paper in Watertown.

But when she was contacted by them a few days later you won’t believe what they said.

“Pet Obituaries Aren’t Allowed”

She couldn’t believe it, while she understood she thought it was a poor business plan.  Especially when you have someone willing to pay for it.  “Although I’m sure they would be overloaded with them,” she stated on her Facebook page.   That said, this is what I wrote for my big boy; my special pal.

He is what she wrote for her special friend…..Brain.

“Brian arrived at our home with the ability not only to sit, but also “give paw”,  but never was able to master the elusive command “stay”.  Being able to destroy any crate, gate, door handle, trim or molding in his way, Brian quickly began building loving relationships with all those who came in contact with him, whether it be a new vet, animal control, or whoever’s house he found his way to for an uninvited romp.”

And continues to say..

“A lover of couches and blankets, Brian had many hobbies. Some of Brian’s favorite activities included barking at things not there, cuddling alongside you, taking over his mother’s bed, licking his butt, acting like a spazz when it was time to be fed, and trying to figure out who exactly was “the good boy.” In his spare time, Brian dreamt violently, thrashing his legs, presumably chasing dastardly felines or squirrels who dared enter his dreams,” the obituary read.

The quickest way to Brian’s heart was with a quality scratch of his rear, and rub of his belly.

Below is the entire Obituary that Lee wrote for Brian.  Get your tissues ready, you’re gonna need them!

Take the wishes of DiBella telling everyone to “give your dog an extra hug, belly rub, and treat.”  because you just never know what day will be the last.

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