Heartless Owners Leave Shaking Puppy To Die, Then They Found Out Why


Do you remember Petey from the Little Rascal?  If you do you will know why this pup is named after him.  Here’s Petey, a puppy that was left to die in the park with his brother all because he wasn’t the same as all the other puppies.

When a  woman saw the puppies while walking her kid home from school they were starved, lethargic and their body temp was extremely low.  She immediately rushed them to the vet.  Petey’s brother didn’t make it but Petey was a fighter.

Upon further examination, the vets notice that the puppy wasn’t moving properly.  This was caused by a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a neurological condition caused by the cerebellum not being fully developed.

This condition can occur due to genetics or infections in the mother during pregnancy.  The signs include head bobbing, clumsiness and falling.

Even when the odds were stacked against him Petey came out on top.  “He’s rambunctious, curious and silly,” said his foster mom “He’s also very confident and enjoys meeting new people”.

He learned with time how to eat on his own and now loves to run and cuddle.  Petey has been adopted by a loving couple who are giving him all the affection and cuddles he needs.

Watch The Video Of Petey’s Condition Below:


Cerebellar Hypoplasia Pup

Our puppy found in the rain came in for a check up yesterday.He is still wobbly and showing neurological signs, leading us to believe he may have cerebellar hypoplasia (often found in cats/kittens). He will remain in foster care for a few more weeks while we get him large enough for neuter, then we will work on finding him a special home!

Posted by Sacramento SPCA on Thursday, December 15, 2016

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