A Heartwarming Moment Captured Of A Mom Spreading Her Dog’s Ashes


It’s hard to say goodbye to a dog. Even though you have the memories to hang on to, it’s still a huge loss. Dogs can leave a hole in our hearts forever. When they pass, we are immediately faced with the decision of what to do with their remains. Some people choose to have their dogs cremated. Ashley Lang recently lost her beloved dog and did what many people do with the ashes. She spread them out at his favorite place where they had spent so much time. But she got a surprise gift in return when she saw the photos that her friend took.



The Ashes Made A Shocking Image


Wagner decided to spread her Golden Retriever’s ashes at the park where they used to play. Her dog even had a favorite spot where they would play fetch.  As she spread his ashes, her friend took photos. What came out in the photos was truly a gift. Take a look for yourself.



“It’s pretty remarkable… The tail and the legs and he looks like he’s, you know, leaping to go up,” Ashley said. “Everyone keeps calling him the angel dog.”


Do you think that God sends us little gifts like this image of her golden retriever in the ashes? Some may say it was just luck that made the ashes look just like a dog jumping up to heaven. Maybe the wind hit just right and it was all just a fluke. But it sure is a perfect image! You can even see the tail. What do you think?


If this story made you smile, make sure to share it with a friend today. Losing a pet is hard. The loss can be as great as losing a person. Your friends may have special stories about their pets that they might want to share after reading this story.


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