Herding Dog Stays With Flock Through Wild Fire, Miraculously They Find Them Afterwards

When a wildfire swept through the Sonoma County of California, Roland Tembo Hendel and his family had to quickly evacuate to safety.  Hendel tried to herd up his 8 bottle-fed rescue goats and his big white livestock guardian dog named Odin. But he was unsuccessful at getting them loaded and out of there to safety.

Hendel and his family evacuated as propane tanks exploded around them as the fire surrounded the area.  Hendel and his family cried as they left the animals behind.  “I was sure I had sentenced them to a horrific and agonizing death,” he said.

A few days later it was safe to return to the area.  Hendel saw that though his house had been burned to the ground and all the surrounding area, Odin and the goats were alive.  Furthermore, Odin had burn marks and was happy to see his family return.

Odin The Hero

As I write this story, I understand dog’s like Odin because I have 9 big white guardian dogs that guard my alpacas, ducks, horses, geese, and chickens.  Odin and the livestock guardian dogs like him are true heroes.  They would die for and with their charges before they’d ever abandon them.

Odin, is a true hero.  We as humans can look up to Odin’s bravery and loyalty.  I personally am in awe and thankful for the service that Odin and other livestock guardian dogs provide. They fearlessly guard “their” animals and humans through any circumstances.

Watch this video to see Odin and his people in a joyful reunion.  What a relief and moment of joy it must have been for this family to find their goats all safe and sound.  All the while, being faithfully guarded by the loyal and brave Odin as propane tanks exploded around them as the fire closed in.  What a story, what a brave and loyal gentle giant of a dog Odin is.

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