Here are 5 alternatives to vacuuming for removing pet hair


If you have pets with hair, you will have hair around your house. Dogs that are double coated will shed out usually twice a year. But they also lose hair throughout the year at any time just like people do. Dogs just happen to have a lot more hair than people because the hair covers their whole bodies. Managing the naturally shed dog hair around your house doesn’t have to make you pull your own hair out. It really can be a simple task. Here, I will go over 5 easy ways to remove pet hair from your carpet without using a vacuum.


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Pumice Stone


These stones are most often associated with removing dead skin from human bodies. But they also work great for removing pet hair from carpets. Just rub the stone across the carpet and you should see trapped hair release itself.



Window Squeegee Or Rubber Bristle Brush


In addition to cleaning windows, squeegees are great for removing hair from the carpet. The rubber edge of the squeegee grabs the hair and then brings it to the surface. A rubber bristle brush works in much the same way. It works great especially in a carpet that is very thick with trapped hair.





It sounds too good to be true that a balloon could be used as a tool to remove pet hair from carpet. But it’s true. Simply inflate the balloon then rub it on the carpet. Watch the balloon use its static charge to remove the hair. If there was ever a fun way to remove pet hair from a carpet, this may just be it!



Rubber Gloves


Take a pair of rubber gloves, or even just one glove and rub it on the carpet. Watch as pet hair releases and balls up on the carpet. You can then easily pick up the hair and discard it.



Hair Brush


If you have a pet that you consider family, then why not share the same hairbrush? It’s really not that unsanitary. Unless your dog has just rolled in some filth and then shed it on the carpet, it should be fine. Simply brush your carpet and watch as the brush catches the hair. Then clean your brush off.


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