Hero Dog Sees Woman Being Attacked–And He Springs Into Action

For about five years, people living on this street in Montenegro cared for a dog named Medo. Opening their homes to the stray, they took care of him and gave him what he needed to survive. While his company has always been pleasant, Medo recently took extreme measures for the sake of one of his friends.

“He has places to live in three houses on the street, and more than 15 yards of neighbors. He has the freedom to choose how much time he will be in the house, in the yard or on the street,” Pavicevic said. “We are blessed to have Medo and to have such an awesome neighborhood.”

Now, they call Medo a hero.

Just last week, a woman was walking on her way home. When she arrived there, a man wearing a yellow jacket approached her. As the dog watched, the man continued to attack the woman and knocked her down to the ground.

Seeing the woman in need, Medo took action. Medo bit the man which caused him to flee the scene.

Crazy enough, a security camera on neighbor Vladan Pavicevic’s porch caught the whole incident.

“While she was watching the video the next day she said, ‘Medo saved me. God, Medo saved me!’” Pavicevic told The Dodo.

Watch the video below!

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Posted by Podgoricki vremeplov on Thursday, November 23, 2017

Surprisingly, the dog seemed always to be timid. In fact, he never once showed aggression to anyone. That day, Medo got a royal lunch from the woman.

Luckily, the woman only had a slight bruise from the attack. Without the help of the dog, things could have gone much worse.

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