Hero German Shepherd Gave Nearly Everything To Save His Owner's Life

This is not your typical hero story. Meet Rex, a German Shepherd who carried on despite grievous injuries to himself, determined to let no harm fall on his favorite human in the world. After two men broke into their home, Rex sprung into action to save his young 16-year-old master.


In Des Moines, Washington 2 1/2-year-old Rex was home alone with Javier Mercado. Javier heard glass shattering downstairs and knew something serious was going on. He hid in the closet after hearing the noises and called 911 from there.

Javier’s aunt, Susy Cadena, said that Javier tried to get Rex to hide in the closet with him and stay safe from harm as well. He held onto his beloved dog as hard as he could. Rex wasn’t having it, however, and determined to protect Javier; he darted downstairs after the intruders.

“Both of the burglars struggled and beat him up with whatever they could. Rex stormed back to the upstairs floor all beat up and bloody from the beating to check on his master who was still hiding in the closet,” wrote Cadina on the GoFundMe post.

After the two men beat up on Rex, they started up the stairs towards Javier anyway, which was when the worst happened.

“As they entered the room where my nephew was hiding in the closet, Rex came out with the little strength he had left in him and threw himself at them as he knew my nephew was in danger,” wrote Cadina. Sadly they shot Rex 4 times and finally Rex, the hero dog gave up in his battle.”

It was about that time that police sirens echoed through the room and, finally, scared the intruders back to where they came from. But would it be too late for Rex?

“My nephew was protected by his eternal friend until the last bit of strength he had in him to do what his unconditional, loving instinct told him to,” Cadina wrote.


I am delighted to tell you that another source had an update on Rex and he seems to be recovering well. He had surgery to repair his left leg where the evil men shot him. He returned home last Sunday with a cone on his neck and pride in his heart.

Javier told reporters that while Rex is home and on the mend, the poor little guy is a bit messed up from the incident, and it’s more than just his leg.

“That’s my little guy right there. That’s my best friend,” Javier told KCPQ. “He’s really traumatized; now fast reactions will scare him and kind of like, he’ll jump, but I think we will get through it, just work on it slowly.”

Rex’s family would like to thank everyone for the donations, which as of the writing of this piece totaled over $60,000. They will need the money for his care as well as his physical therapy as he recovers from his injuries.

Currently, the GoFundMe page is no longer accepting donations.

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