Hero Vet Releases Chained Horse – Gets The Thank You Of A Lifetime

Here in the United States, the wild horse population is not that large. In some parts of the world, though, that is not the case. In parts of the world like Romania, for example, there are wild horses by the thousands in the Danube Delta. Some of the locals don’t like the horses being there. As a result, they have started chaining up any horses that they can capture, thinking that it will stop them from breeding.

This is a story about a hero veterinarian saving the day for one of those wild horses caught up in a controversy it didn’t understand.


You see, the horses are not native to the area of the Danube Delta. Since they arrived, though, their population has boomed. They are quite an oddity, and a lot of the locals love having them around. There are a few; however, that think the horses are ruining the land and want to get rid of them. Sadly, the result is what often happens to unwanted animals — abuse.

Image Screenshot from FOUR PAWS International via YouTube

And that is where our story begins. With a veterinarian associated with an organization called Four Paws International. The sole purpose of organizations like Four Paws is to be a voice for animals that otherwise have none.


Horses, especially wild horses, need to roam around. It’s terrible for their health to be tethered in one spot– even if it doesn’t kill them. Can you imagine? These poor horses can see their world and have no idea why they can’t move around in it anymore. They just want to keep playing with their friends.

Image Screenshot from FOUR PAWS International via YouTube Video

Luckily, for this horse at least, a kind-hearted member of the Four Paws team named Ovidiu Rosu decided to lend a hand. He couldn’t just walk away knowing that poor horse was trapped. So, he went to work.


Rosu approached the horse slowly, so as not to startle it. Then, he placed a shroud over its eyes so it wouldn’t be scared.

Image Screenshot from FOUR PAWS International via YouTube Video

At that point, the sweet doctor checked out the horse’s legs for any injuries. Then, when he only found some superficial cuts, he got to work and cut the chain.

Image Screenshot from FOUR PAWS International via YouTube Video


It took a second, and the horse needed a little help getting to its feet. But before long, it was up and raring to go.

Image Screenshot from FOUR PAWS International via YouTube Video

At this point, of course, the horse’s rescuer thought he would gallop off into the sunset. But that’s not what happened at all. Check out below what the horse did instead.

Image Screenshot from FOUR PAWS International via YouTube Video

The horse didn’t run away immediately at all. Instead, it took a second to give Ovidiu Rosu a sweet boop on the nose — and then it ran off into the wilderness with its friends where it belonged.

Share this story with your friends so they see what good can come from organizations like Four Paws. The sweet nose boop will surely bring a smile to their face, as well. Check out the full video below.

Have you gotten to see wild horses, either in the US or anywhere else? Tell us about it in the comments.

Featured Image from FOUR PAWS International via YouTube Video

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