Heroic Dog Leads Family To Unconscious Daughters Struck By Lightning.

Two sisters, ages 8 and 16 were camping with their family in the Beaver Mountains in Beaver County, Utah. While in the area for a family reunion they decided to take their All Terrain Vehicles out for a little spin.  All was well until they got off their ATVs to do some exploring. What happened next is something that you could never plan for…They were hit by lightning, rendering both unconscious.

This story could have ended here very tragically, but thanks to a real life dog hero, their family pet who just so happened to tag along on their excursion, this story has a happy ending. Their faithful family member wasted no time in running back to camp and alerting adults that there was a problem. It didn’t take long for family members to reach the sisters and get them medical attention.  After receiving treatment from first responders, the girls were flown to Primary Children’s Hospital. They are now in the hospital receiving treatment in the hopes of making a full recovery.

Though the girl’s names are not being released, their family, The Osborn family issued this statement, “We as a family are very thankful to all of the good Samaritans and first responders who came so quickly to render aid to our daughters. Their heroic efforts and rapid response were very appreciated.”

A press release from the Beaver County Sheriff’s office states that the 8-year-old is still in critical condition but improving. The 16-year-old is in stable condition.

With just one thought on his mind, he wasted no time in getting help for the sisters. Had the girls not received such prompt medical attention the outcome would have most likely been worse.

Dogs are known to be faithful companions, defenders against intruders, and in this case a real life saver.

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