Hilarious Animal Optical Illusions That Will Make You Do A Double-Take


Pound for pound, most animals are much stronger, faster and more agile than the world’s best athletes. But still, most can pack their strength into compact bodies without looking buff. That’s what makes the following photos even more hilarious. Because some of the animals here come across as looking very muscular in a buff kind of way. What makes this even more special is that people sketched in some details to make the animals look even bulkier.


These photos were posted on Reddit for all to enjoy. Take a look for yourself. Would you look twice if you saw any of these animals in real life? Enjoy!


Someone has been working out on the bench press.



A lot of people would give anything to have a 6 pack like this Beluga Whale. But wait, I count way more than a 6 pack!



How many foxes do you count? The one (really two) by the pole looks like he or she has some incredible biceps. The drawing below the photograph is just as impressive.



It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No wait, it’s a super raptor. I wouldn’t want to be messing with this bird’s offspring.



Take a double look here. Is this a tail or a bicep? Either way, this kitty is intimidating and extremely cute too.



“Take that! And That!” This pup sure packs a mean punch.



I think someone ticked this cat off. Beware of a cat making a fist.



More cats with biceps. What is the world coming to?



Hard to tell if this is a fat kitty, pregnant kitty or super buff cat.



No one told this gangster that smoking is bad for his health.



If these photos with illustrations put a smile on your face, why keep it to yourself? Make sure to share this with a friend. And make sure to keep an eye out for buff animals.

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