Hilarious! Watch This Husky Sass His Dad For Asking Him To Go To His Kennel

Huskies are beloved for their cute, talkative nature. But they are especially adorable when having a temper-tantrum. Which they do from time to time. But husky sass doesn’t involve much. Mainly, there’s a lot of canine carrying-on, in the form of howling, and little else. And one opinionated Siberian Husky named Brian was doing just that. He wasn’t having any of his owners’ instructions to go to his kennel.

Brian the Siberian husky has a lot to say about his owner’s demands. Screenshot by Rumble Viral via YouTube video

Brian The Husky Has A Thing Or Two To Say

And his voice is very emotive, WeLoveAnimals reports. Sometimes he even sounds like he’s using actual words. The Siberian husky was bred to pull sleds through freezing winters and the dogs live together in packs. These dogs tend to howl more than they bark. They use these expressive howls as a form of communication.

Brian’s voice is very expressive! Screenshot by Rumble Viral via YouTube video

But it’s uncanny how “human” Brian’s hilarious noises can seem.

He even sounds like he’s saying “no!” a number of times, Rumble reports. He really doesn’t want to go into that kennel! And Brian’s dad is very patient, merely asking him to “go in your house!” Brian’s reply? A series of cute whines and other silly noises huskies make. That couch is just to comfy to leave behind. All the while, Brian’s bright blue eyes are just as expressive as his voice. Huskies have a way of doing that. My beautiful boy Bart certainly did that. They have a way of looking at you as if they understand what you’re saying before you even say anything.

Is he sassing his dad?

Sure sounds like a kid talking back, doesn’t he? Brian fires off a retort every time dad says something. But how could anyone be mad at such an awesome dog? It would be impossible.

Watch Brian in action with all his sass in this funny video below.

Featured image by Rumble Viral via YouTube video

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