Hippo Walks Out Of Zoo And Quickly Decides That The ‘Real World’ Is Not For Him

A zoo provides habitats for many animals that are endangered. It also serves as a place to educate the public on conservation.  A trip to the zoo can be such an enjoyable experience.  You get to see animals up close that you normally wouldn’t ever get to see without worrying about their nor your safety.  This is usually the case, but one hippo decided to briefly walk out of the zoo gates has many people concerned.

An ongoing investigation is trying to find out why and how the baby hippo was allowed a brief moment of freedom. This could have ended tragically if she had walked in front of a vehicle or choose to charge a person.

Though hippos may look slow, they are actually capable of running up to 19 mph over short distances.  Their normal habitat is in Africa.  Hippos inhabit rivers, lakes, and swamps.  During the day, they remain cool by staying in the water or mud.  In the wild, they emerge at dusk to graze on grasses.

Hippos are herbivores. Which means they have no interest in eating humans, but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t still harm a person.  They can maul a person to death if they choose to charge and attack.  Thankfully, this was just a baby out for a stroll.  From the surveillance camera, you can see that the hippo walked out of the gate briefly and then came walking back in on its own.

A night watchman seems to be present and notices the hippo walk out and back in.  You can bet someone is double-checking their locks and latches at a zoo so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

Watch As The Baby Hippo Walks Out of Zoo Gates.

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