His Dog Was Missing For 3 Years, He Sees Him As He Passes By On A Bus

Humans often take their pets for granted. We just assume that they will be home every time we walk in the door. When our pets run away or get lost it can be absolutely devastating for many reasons. Waiting for them to return home after they’ve been missing can feel like a long process. It may even make people lose hope. Because one day they’re here, and the next they are gone.

There are different ways of coping with a runaway pet. Some people sit and wait for them to return, hoping that one day they will see their beloved animals again. Others go out and look for their lost pet. These types of people will do anything to get them back; they will stop at nothing. Finally, there are the people that assume that their pets are better off not living with them anyway.

A man from Tbilisi, Georgia that had lost his dog three years ago, has never stopped looking for his beloved pet. Ever since he has been looking high and low to find him. The man informed the whole town about it.

After several years of looking, the man received a call, and possibly one of the best ones of his life. A local shop had called him saying that they saw a dog sitting on the sidewalk. Luckily for the man, the shop also added that the pup looked just as the man described. Once he arrived, to his amazement, it was his dog. 

Finally seeing his dog for the first time in three years, the man ran towards him. After the two companions saw each other, they were so excited and could barely contain themselves. The dog even gave his beloved owner a hug.

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