His Human Abandoned Him When He Got Sick – His New Friends Refused To Let Him Die Alone

We want you to meet a beautiful boy whose name was Parker. When he was only four years old, doctors diagnosed him with cancer. The human that signed up to help Parker changed their mind because they didn’t want to care for a sick dog. Suddenly, poor Parker didn’t have long to live and didn’t have anything left to live for — or so he thought.

That’s when the good people at a rescue group called Helping Hands for Animals stepped in.


Parker was housed during this time at the S&B Kountry Kennel in Glenwood, Iowa, getting the free care he needed. The rescue group made Parker a bucket list of things for him to enjoy in the time he had left — they wanted to make his last months as special as possible, even if he had to spend them in a kennel.

When word got out about Parker’s condition and his story, no one could believe what happened next.

Image from S&B Kountry Kennel via Facebook

People came out of the woodwork in support of the sweet pup. They brought him chew toys, ice cream, roast beef with gravy, and even a new bed.


During this time, everyone who met Parker was blown away by just how special he was. Rescuers dubbed his last few weeks, “Parker’s Dance,” as a way to express that very sentiment. He was a very good boy, and he made an impression on everyone who came to see him.

Image from S&B Kountry Kennel via Facebook

“All of these people are coming together,” said Rose Coco, founder, and president of the group Helping Hands for Animals.

A mom even brought her kids in to read to the sweet-natured pup.


Parker’s cancer grew and grew, but through it all, his energy level stayed pretty good. According to kennel owner Joe Huntoon, Parker even kept his appetite and chowed down on the delicious treats his new friends brought to him. Parker never missed a chance to play with his canine pals, either — especially the female ones.

Suffice it to say, Parker’s Dance was a delightful time for the ailing pup. He sure looks happy in all these photos. No one was ready to let go of the super-special canine.


Unfortunately, on September 27th, Joe Huntoon delivered the devastating news.

“Today it was time to say goodbye to my little buddy Parker,” wrote Huntoon. “His body had had enough of the cancer. He fought till the end. I think I was the one that had a hard time letting go. I held him till the end!”

Picture from S&B Kountry Kennel via Facebook

In the end, Parker didn’t know he wasn’t in a “forever home,” he just knew that he was loved. Every day at the end of his life, because of people like Joe and Rose, Parker was surrounded by humans, toys, roast beef, and love. Thank you to everyone who helped out.

Just look at the video they made to honor the sweet boy.

So, don’t be sad for Parker. Instead, consider donating to a local rescue group or the people who cared for Parker. Remember, too, Parker didn’t die alone, and we know that’s all too common these days, even for dogs who have forever homes.

Featured Image from S&B Kountry Kennel via Facebook

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