Holiday surprise has Dad acting like a little kid on Christmas morning, he's as giddy as a school girl

One dad was caught on camera receiving the gift of his dreams for Christmas – a new puppy.  Now before you skip ahead to the next article, keep in mind that not all people who get puppies for Christmas will turn them into the shelter when puppyhood is over.  Giving puppies as gifts is definitely a real problem in this country.

Sadly, there are thousands of dogs waiting to be adopted this Christmas just sitting in shelters waiting for euthanasia. People often buy specific breeds of puppies from breeders.  However, this family was already loving dog owners and had no plans of giving up their new family member when the novelty wears off.

Pedro Martinez knew that his dad had always wanted a Goldendoodle.  So the family planned on surprising him with a Goldendoodle puppy during a Christmas photoshoot. The Martinez family already had other dogs that they adored, so adding a puppy was not going to be anything too new for the family. Sadly, some families give pets as gifts and then the novelty quickly wears off around February. That is when shelters across the country get overrun with Christmas puppies that are surrendered. But thankfully, that isn’t the case for the Martinez Family and their new Goldendoodle.

Enter Into the Scene the George, The Goldendoodle

Pedro explains in the video, “So for this Christmas, we decided we would crank the holiday spirit up to 10 and make my dad go full blown child for the rest of the world to see – by getting him the dog of his dreams!” What a surprise!”

Just watch the dad’s reaction as the puppy casually walks into the scene. I like that the puppy wasn’t placed in a box and terrified when everyone screams and squeals.

You see that a lot on videoes where animals are placed in boxes for gifts. Instead, this puppy now named George just walks in and is so excited to meet everyone.

Take a look for yourself.

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