Home Owners Move Out, Leaving Their Sweet Husky Behind On A Balcony With No Food Or Water


Animals can survive in some of the worst situations. But one thing that they need is food and water. However, somehow a 2-year-old husky survived without food or water for 2 weeks. Thankfully, rescuers came in just in the nick of time to save the innocent dog’s life.


Fox5 Atlanta

The husky was left on a screened-in balcony in Atlanta, Georgia without food or water. The dog’s owners had left town, leaving the dog to care for herself. The owners had no plans to come back, so they basically left the dog to die.


When the management of the apartment found out about the dog, they called 911. Deputies from Gwinnett County rushed to the scene. The temperatures had reached 100 degrees when she was found. They immediately gave her food and water.


A neighbor who heard about the rescue said,

“She didn’t have any food or water at all, so it’s a miracle she was still alive when they got to her. It was heartbreaking. My mom was almost in tears when they were pulling her out.”


The husky was pacing back and forth on the balcony when found. She was weak, emaciated and disoriented from not having water for 2 weeks.


The dog was given care at the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter. Thankfully, somehow she pulled through. It is truly amazing that she did not dehydrate and die without having water for so long.


“It’s a cruel situation for anyone not to feed a dog, and allow time to go by and just abandon it,” said Alan Davis of Gwinnett County Animal Shelter.



The Owners Have Been Identified


The owners that abandoned the husky have been identified as 29-year-old Daniel Ugalde-Andres and 24-year-old Nicol Moreno-Mariano. Arrest warrants have been issued for animal cruelty. But so far the two owners have not been found.


“Her health is good; she’s a great dog,” Davis said. “Somebody would be proud and happy to own this dog,” he added. “She is just so loving and so energetic, and just a beautiful looking husky!”


Authorities believe that the owners purposely left the sweet husky to die. The dog is now in safe care and can not be put up for adoption until the investigation is complete. Let’s hope that the owners are found soon and put to justice.



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