Home Squeak Home – Photographer Builds Garden Mice a Home


Normally when we see mice in the garden, or around the house, we reach for the traps. Maybe you call the exterminator to get rid of these ‘rodents.’ What if I told you that one man in the United Kingdom built a home for the mice in his garden? He took the opportunity to create magic with the garden mice. Not only do the mice appreciate it, but the world does too! Take a look at how he gave this little family of mice a refuge from the cats. It is sure to be home squeak home!


Man takes photographs of mice


man takes pictures of mice at his home
Image via screencapture from website dailymail.co.uk


Simon Dell is a wildlife photographer from Sheffield, Unite Kingdom. He was outside in his garden one day when he noticed the little mouse family scurrying about. It gave him the grandest idea – build a home for them and get amazing pictures in the process!


Being a keen wildlife photographer I am often taking photos of birds on the feeders in the garden. Then one day I looked down to see a very cute little house mouse standing up in the grass.” – Happiest.net


Image by Simon Dell Photography via Facebook

He thought that by enticing them with a cute house, the mice would use it. Did it work?


Image by Simon Dell Photography via Facebook

It certainly did! It wasn’t long till the whole family moved in either. They apparently love their new home, and are obviously safe from the cat in the garden. We’re curious to know what he used to build this wildlife house. According to Simon, he used things around his house, such as old fruit, vegetables, and props around his house. His results are definitely adorable!


Image via screencapture from website Happiest.net
Image via screencapture from website Happiest.net


George the Mouse and his family


Simon gave this little mouse family names and even created a Facebook page for them, George the Mouse in a log pile house. Their names are George, Mildred and their tiny baby is named Mini. This little playground is fun for all. Not only that, but he gets amazing photographs in the process. What wildlife photographer wouldn’t want to take pictures of adorable mice?


Now the question that remains is – how did he get them to actually use the house?


Simon gathers nuts, berries and more on nature walks, offering the mice family treats when he returns. With the holidays upon us, Simon also offers feasts for the little family.


Image by Simon Dell Photography via screencapture from Happiest.net

He also decorates their house for Christmas, and the world eats it up!


Image by Simon Dell Photography via screencapture from Happiest.net
Image by Simon Dell Photography via screencapture from website Happiest.net


‘Home Squeak Home’ a Mouse’s Way of Living


With the success of these photographs, the world is happy for a little cuteness. This family is lucky to have Simon as a landlord, as they are safe and warm. He remarks; “Knowing there are cats just over the fence I thought I would give them a little more safety, so collected some logs and made them a log pile home. The mice are very trusting and know I mean them no harm. I love nature so am happy to live alongside such cute creatures.”


If you’d like to see more, check out the video below of the mice and his photography. This is definitely the cutest hobby in the world, and Simon Dell is lucky enough to be doing it!


Mouse House – Simon Dell

Who would live in a house like this? 🐭🐁

Posted by BBC Radio Sheffield on Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Featured Image by Simon Dell Photography via George the Mouse in a log pile house




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