Homeless Dogs Are Filling Shelter Because People Want Purebreds, It's Out Of Control

There are so many rescue dogs living in Rabat which is Morocco’s capital city, that they just aren’t being adopted out quick enough. The population at the shelter keeps growing without many dogs leaving to homes.

There is a government sponsored program called ADAN standing for The Association for the Defense of Animals and Nature that is housing many dogs in the hopes that they will someday be adopted out into loving homes. The problem of more dogs coming in than are being adopted out may be rooted in superstitions. Katyayani Rico, a volunteer at ADAN explains one reason that more people don’t adopt, “Animals aren’t really taken care of.  It’s even worse when it comes to dogs because people here believe they chase angels away and that they cannot be touched.”

Rico has adopted two of the shelter dogs that came in as pups.  She feels the area’s dogs are great dogs that just need a chance. Many people who do like dogs will go for purebreds instead of taking a look at the shelter first though Rico explains.  “The few Moroccans who like dogs, instead of adopting one at the shelter, want a purebred. Their favorites here are German shepherds and huskies,” Rico says. Consequently, the shelters are overfilled beyond capacity and can’t take any more. There also are only two shelters in this city with over a million people.

A goal of ADAN’s is to obtain a farm outside of the city.  There they can house all of the dogs but need to raise the money to purchase the land. Rico further explains the problem,

“The shelter is a place that the municipality gave. The idea is that it should be temporary.  But since there are no adoptions, the animal population keeps growing and sometimes there’s just no more space.”

ADAN’s volunteers are doing the best they can to give the dogs a quality of life while they await homes.  Recently the dogs were taken to the beach to experience life outside of the shelter.  ADAN people are hoping that if people see how special and wonderful these dogs are, they may adopt more.  For now, though ADAN could use your help.

If you’d like to make a donation or see what they are doing to help the dogs of Morocco, visit their facebook page here.

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