Homeless Golden Retriever Frightened As Caring People Try to Rescue Her

For one homeless golden retriever living on the streets, kind rescuers who came to help her looked pretty scary.  Thankfully the people who wanted to help never gave up on her.  This sweetheart just needed to be shown some love.

Hope for Paws also known as PAWS set out to check on a report of a stray golden retriever that was seen walking around alone.  The first 4 days of the search, they could not find the dog. Thankfully, they did not give up because on day 5 they found her. Getting her to safety was not going to be easy.

Lisa Arturo was one of the rescuers on the mission. When Lisa and another PAWS person first spotted the scared retriever she was by the railroad tracks.

Then she ran and hid under a dumpster when they tried to approach her.  Talking to her in soft voice may have helped as they tried to put a catch around her head under the dumpster.  She was not convinced just yet.

Once the noose is around her head they try to gently pull her out. The terrified retriever panics and starts fighting while rolling and yelping. She is clearly scared to death and doesn’t yet realize that these compassionate people are here to help.

When you watch the video, hang in there. If you are like me, you may have cried at the point where the golden covers her eyes in terror as she is being pulled out. But the sweet man who has the other end of the rope at this point, says “Wait, I’ll come to you.”

At the risk of being bitten and also traveling around a dead bird, the man crawls under the dumpster to pet her. That’s when her demeanor changes and softens. When he tries to pull her out again, she panics. She finally helps the strategy by quickly crawling the rest of the way out.

Clarabelle has a great chance of a new life in a loving home. She was given a bath and a new bed to sleep in.

Similar real life stories of dogs being rescued are happening every day. Thanks to Hope For Paws, many animals are given a second chance.

If you’d like to read more or help PAWS in their mission to help animals you can visit their site here.

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