Homeless Kitten Struggled To Survive — Until He Met These Loving Rescue Dogs

One popular old Wives Tale is the myth that cats have nine lives. But for one kitten who was really in a bad way three years ago, that almost seems true. Sometimes, however, serendipity, a kind couple, and cute fuzzy dogs have a way of stepping in.

Adorable Rilu was starving and needed help. Screenshot by Howl of A Dog via YouTube video

He was pacing and meowing desperately. If you’ve ever been owned by a tiny kitten, you know just how loud that meow can be. And this baby was no different. He was hungry and skinny.

Kitten Meows His Way Into Rescuer’s Hearts

Volunteers from Howl Of A Dog in Romania an animal rescue group found the little guy. They weren’t sure how this kitten would react to them, WeLoveAnimals reports. But when they got out of the car and approached, this baby was only too happy to see him. He immediately crawled up one volunteer’s legs, meowing all the way.

How adorable is this sweet kitten? Screenshot by Howl of A Dog Rescue via YouTube video

And this baby was so happy to be rescued. No one knows how the kitten, whom the volunteers named Rilu, wound up in this situation. They believe he was abandoned by an owner who no longer wanted him.

But they were a little worried about something.

How were these boisterous dogs going to handle a kitten?

How were things going to wind up? Screenshot by Howl of A Dog via YouTube video

After all, the rescue was full of dogs. But they weren’t about to leave the two-month-old kitten on the street. The rescuers decided to wing it and introduced Rilu to the dogs.

Rilu makes a new friend. Screenshot by Howl of A Dog via YouTube video

Rilu was a little shy at first, but as it turns out, so were at least some of the dogs.

The kitten cozied up to the dogs

Rilu and puppy being adorable. Screenshot by Howl of A Dog via YouTube video

The dogs were more than happy to accept this little kitty as part of the pack.

Cuddle buddies. Screenshot by Howl of A Dog via YouTube video

This beautiful little tabby kitten has a permanent home at the rescue. He’s grown into a handsome adult who has befriended many dogs. And it’s especially heartwarming to watch them play together.

Rilu tries his best ninja moves. Screenshot by Howl of A Dog via YouTube video

This is one happy family. It begs the question: If cats and dogs can get along this well, why can’t people?

The video below may be the cutest one you’ve seen in a while.

Featured image by Howl of A Dog via YouTube video

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