Homeless Man on a Bike Pulls His Cart of Stray Dogs Across America

Cruising home after work like so many other Americans,  Alicia encountered an elderly man riding a bike along an Arkansas road.  But this was not like any other cyclist she had ever saw and as she got closer she realized that her life was going to change forever.

This is what Alicia saw when she got close enough.

This man was not only riding a bicycle (at his age).  He was also pulling a cart carrying 10 furry, tail-wagging dogs.  After further investigation, Alicia had discovered that Steve was from California and had been homeless since 2001.  He had devoted several years of his life to taking care of over 50 dogs.  He was making a trip to Indiana to be with his girlfriend who is also an animal lover.  So many times people surrender dogs because they are moving or relocating.  But this man’s dedication to taking care of and including them on this trip is totally awesome!   Most of the dogs were just strays themselves but Steve saw the need and wasn’t afraid of the responsibility.

Determined to assist him and with the help of her mom, Alicia launched a campaign on Facebook targeting animal lovers across America asking for support and donations.  It only took a few hours for the donations to start rolling in.

Steve and his dogs are able to rest in a warm motel.  They were able to get the medical attention too.  All this so they can have a long happy life,  all thanks to Alicia.

“If it wasn’t for all you this man might still be pedaling down the road not knowing what hardship might hit next.”

Reading stories like this it’s hard not to be touched.  Steve’s devotion to his pets and Alicia’s call to action!   I am so glad that heroes still exist.

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