Homeless Woman's Service Dog Is Stolen, 3 Yrs Later They Get A Call And Drop Everything

Ladybird is a Staffordshire Terrier that was specifically trained to be a service dog for a woman who had narcolepsy and seizures.  Ladybird was the woman’s best friend and the only family that she had.  When the woman became disabled, she lost her job and soon became homeless, and living on the streets of Austin.

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Through it all Ladybird stayed by the woman’s side.  Ladybird helped to pull her wheelchair and remained her constant companion.  The woman knew that she didn’t have much time left and could no longer care for Ladybird.  She pleaded with Sharon Henderson and another woman who goes by the name of “Miss Jane” asking if they could take Ladybird into their care.  They both agreed.

Before they got Ladybird, she was stolen by a homeless man.  He had taken Ladybird in the middle of the night.

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Ladybird is Found in Portland.

Because Ladybird was microchipped, Henderson and Miss Jane hoped that they would get a call that Ladybird was found.  Three long years passed when that call came in.  The homeless man had hitched a ride with Ladybird all the way from Texas to Portland, Oregon.  When the man passed away, Ladybird was found walking alone on the streets of Portland.

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Ladybird was in bad shape. She had lost a lot of weight and now weighed only 30 pounds.  Ladybird was also going deaf and didn’t have much jaw muscles left.  Her head muscles atrophied due to not eating.  She was too weak to walk up more than two stairs before falling over.

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Ladybird has since been transported back to Texas, where she is being well cared for in a foster home.  She will soon be put up for adoption.

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Henderson had this to say, “I want her to enjoy the rest of her life in the lap of luxury she’s never known and have a family.”


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