Horrible Scene As Mother Laughs While Her Child Abuses The Family Dog


There has been a new video popping up on Facebook lately, and it’s absolutely horrific. In the video, there is a child, who can’t be any older than a year and a half old,  appears as though he is playing with the incredibly adorable family dog. It seems at first as though the child is just being a little bit too rough.

What actually transpires, though, is a video that is hard to watch with a parent who should be jailed for abuse to both animals and humans.

At first, it really seems as though the child was doing what children at that age do, treating the doggy a little bit too roughly. Most children who do this, simply don’t know any better, and with some gentle guidance on how to play with our furry friends, they can learn quickly.

He giggles and slaps at the dog’s face and pulls on its ears. The dog keeps trying to move out of the way, but the kid keeps on coming. He then starts to pull on the poor pup’s tail as well.


Granted, that little kid is too young to know better, for sure. No one is saying that he is in the wrong here. What IS wrong, however, is that the mother laughs and encourages him to continue even though he is clearly both hurting the dog and placing himself in harm’s way.

As his mother, even if she didn’t care at all about the dog, she should certainly care that at any time that dog could snap and bite her child. Which is why she is responsible for the abuse of both the dog and the baby.

The child walks around the dog as though the torture is about to end when things really start to go downhill.


By the end of the video, you can clearly see that the poor dog is getting really fed up with being harassed. However, instead of stopping the abuse, you can hear the woman making fun of the dog’s pitiful expression when it’s begging the camera operator to make it stop.

The video is from Juneau, Alaska. No one yet knows the identity of the woman in question. If you or anyone you know recognizes her, please contact authorities. Someone needs to put a stop to this before that child, or that dog gets hurt. You can view the entire video here.

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