Horrific Discovery – Over 50 Emaciated Horses Rescued From Farm in Florida

A concerned citizen reported neglected horses on a farm in North Florida. Still, though, Officers at the Union County Sheriff’s Office could never have prepared for what they saw when they arrived on the scene. The officers pulled into what seemed like an ordinary 40-acre-farm only to find something terrible — dozens of emaciated horses.


Sadly, the officers didn’t quite make it in time for a couple of horses. You see, as they investigated, they found that two of the horses had already passed away. It’s unbelievable, though, how many horses there were on that farm. The officers found themselves surrounded by a full 51 starving and emaciated animals.

Image from Union County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

The remaining horses were not just starving, either. According to The Animal Rescue Site, the horses were dirty and needed veterinary care right away. Some of the horses were even in critical condition.


Since there was such a large number of horses, the officers knew they were going to need help. So, they made a few phone calls to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and police from surrounding towns.

Image from Union County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

It didn’t take long for help to arrive on the scene. Tim Rickey, Vice President of the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response Team, described the experience.

“From the moment we stepped foot on the property, it was evident that immediate intervention was needed for these animals,” said Rickey. “Our goal is to provide these animals with much-needed care and seek suitable placement options with our network of equine rescues as we continue to help local law enforcement and animal welfare groups coming together to send a clear message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in the community.”

Image from Union County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

The team of people on the scene spent the next week collecting evidence and carefully removing the horses. Rescuers transported the animals to an equine hospital. There, ASPCA vets examined them and started nursing them back to health.


Image from Union County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

After the horses recover, the ASPCA plans to place them with Florida-based equine rescues. That brings us to one final piece of the puzzle, though — what about the people responsible?

Image from Union County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

Well, concerning the people responsible, the officers did not release their names. However, we are happy to report that this will not be a case that slips through the cracks.

“Arrests are forthcoming,” said Capt. Lyn Williams. “I can guarantee you that.”

One thing is sure, there are a lot of heroes to thank. First, we talk a lot here at Animals Being Cute about reporting animal abuse when you see it. It’s so important to reach out when you know an animal needs help. Whether it is a cat, horse, dog, bird, or squirrel, we all need to do what’s right. So, thank you to the person that reported that terrible farm to the police.

Second, thank you to the police and the ASPCA for helping the horses that managed to hold on. Share this with your friends to raise awareness about reporting animal abuse when they see it.

Featured Image from Union County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

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