Horse Gives Birth To Healthy Foal, But What They See Next Leaves Them Speechless

If you have never seen an animal being born you are missing out. There is nothing more beautiful than a new life being brought into the world. Even after many hours of labor a mother still beams with pride when photos are taken of her newborn.

Daisy is a beautiful Palomino mare who has a birthing story that will melt your heart.  Her proud owners, Jenni and Guy, had been waiting for months to see the newest little addition to their farm and Daisy did not disappoint.

So when Daisy started the transition into birthing Jenni and Guy were right there ready to help her any way they could.

It was quick, just a few hours, and she gave birth to a beautiful foal that was small but healthy.  Soon after the foal’s birth, Daisy began breath heavy again.  What was going on?  Was she in pain?

Everyone just stared in amazement….

They quickly rushed over and began to assist with………….. baby number two. Because twins are extremely rare for horses, they held their breath as they waited to see if the second little one would survive. Moments later, the little guy was breathing and standing on his own.

Twins are extremely rare in horses so the couple waited what felt like hours until the second foal took its first breath. When foal number two was breathing and standing on his own they began to breath easy.

These stories like Daisy’s are our favorites to report.  Who doesn’t like a happy ending?  All the horses are doing well and growing with each passing day.

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