Horses have fun in the snow and make some snow angels

Humans are definitely not the only creatures who enjoy playing in the white snow. Oftentimes, we will take our dogs out to play in it too! Recently, a different type of animal was seen having a great time in the snow.

During the winter, animals of all types experience the beautiful scenery of snowfall. For some animals, it is an opportunity to stay inside and enjoy the warmth. For others, it is the one time they get to make snow angels or build white forts. For a group of horses, they took this blizzard as a blessing.

In the video below you can observe these horses going nuts over a winter storm. It was almost like the first time the horses saw snowfall. Maybe it was! Although we do not see horses as snow creatures, this video may change our minds.

As the horses come down the hill they jump in and out of the snow. Furthermore, they run in circles in the winter cover. Clearly, they are not cold or miserable. Their height definitely gives them the advantage of being able to see even though the snow is up to the middle of their bodies.

One of the cutest parts of the whole experience is when one of the horses plops down in the blizzard. Then, he nestles himself into the white blanket. It is absolutely adorable.

Luckily for us, someone got the entire experience on video. The horses have no clue. But their simple enjoyment of winter is so entertaining for the world to see. It is not very often horses make snow angels in the winter. If you are interested, watch the awesome video below of the horses!

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