Max's Mission: Hospice Dogs Find Forever Homes

Hospice Dogs

Every dog deserves another chance at life. When the dog approaches its final days, they call them Hospice dogs. While they can not be adopted out to a family, they find forever homes with their foster family.

With a pet, saying goodbye always becomes the hardest part. Deciding when to say goodbye is always the hardest decision to make for our furry friend and family member. Rather than preparing for the end, hospice foster parents help their dogs to live and enjoy their final days.

5-year-old Ella, Brittnie Baker’s dog, received a diagnosis of breast cancer earlier this year. She says right now Ella has no clue she’s sick which is better for her.

“Right now she doesn’t know she is sick so it is kind of perfect,” said dog foster Brittnie Baker.

The diagnosis was somewhat a blessing and a forever family in disguise for Ella.

Buddy and Shawn

Buddy went to his hospice foster family shortly after leaving the shelter. He lost 15 pounds, had infections, some ear and eye infections as well, and his coat seemed to be in horrible condition.

Soon after, they realized Buddy had a mental condition. The knew it wouldn’t be right to adopt him out to another family. That’s when they sent him to his foster mom, Shawn. Sadly, shortly after meeting Shawn, Buddy passed away. Shawn was at Buddy’s side as he crossed the rainbow bridge.

Being with hospice dogs makes every day special according to Baker. She even created a special doggie bucket list for Ella and so far they completed building a snow dog and ate a beast feast. Then she spends the day chewing on toys and ripping them to pieces.

Baker hopes others will open their hearts to foster, or adopt a special dog like their Ella. “She’s perfect. A lot of people would think, ‘She is an older dog. She is a pitt mix. She has got cancer.’ All of these things people would think, ‘I don’t want a dog like that.’ That’s what makes Ella Ella.”

She goes on to say, “She makes us happy, she makes us laugh, she is a goof, she has just all around made us more thankful for the little things and having the time that we do with her.”

Max’s mission reaches out to help dog’s like Buddy and Ella. Watch the video below to learn more.

If you would like to learn more about Ella’s bucket list or donate to her day of destruction of toys you can find her on Facebook @Ellasbucketlist.

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