After Hours Owner Installs Cat Door, Cats Unexpected Reaction Has Millions Laughing

Installing a pet door for any pet can take hours of manual labor.  It can definitely be the answer to leaving them in and then leaving them out, leaving them in and leaving them out all day long.

Lowes breaks the installation down into 8 easy steps but those steps could take hours.  In the video below the owner has finished the task of carving out the hole in his door and installing the “cat door.”

Now if I had just finished a project like this I’d be pretty excited and he was too! You can hear him saying “go use you new door”.  The cat responded by following his directions and casually going right over to the door(like any good cat would do)!

But when the cat reaches up…….He was dying with laughter.

He’s not the only one that is laughing, millions of people all over the world are laughing with him when they see what this smarty pants does.  Who thought they needed the cat door anyway?  Not the cat that’s for sure.


 Some people like to leave the flap off for a day or two. This allows your pet to move through easily. It also helps to call your pet through the hole from outside. When your pet goes through the door, praise them.

Be patient. Some animals take longer than others. Once your pet does learn, they’ll love their newfound freedom.

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