How did the chicken cross the road? It didn’t, but these turkeys did!


Usually, chickens cross the road, but recently a couple of turkeys decided to do the same. During rush hour a large male turkey took on the role of a crossing guard. He spread out his feathers and stopped the traffics. The video below is astonishing.

A New Hampshire driver recorded the event as it unfolds. While the man was on his way home from work he was shocked to see a male turkey, also known as a tom, stopping traffic. As the driver waited, one by one, the flock of turkey crossed the road. The male stood in the middle of the road with his feathers at full capacity to signal the traffic to stop. Finally, all turkey crossed and the male followed.


After the event took place, the driver shared the video with the world. People absolutely loved the act of the tom. Once Fox News got ahold of the video, people on the internet began the turkey jokes. Some believed that the turkey was being chivalrous. Others started to comment some pretty funny stuff. One man says,

“Why did those turkeys cross the road? To prove they weren’t chicken!!!”

Another person comments, “Volunteer crossing guard and all around gentleman! That was a male looking after his ladies. Chivalry is not dead!”

One more person adds, “They are smart animals…Seldom are found dead on the highway. Maybe Benjamin Franklin was right…they would have made a great national symbol.”

If you are interested in seeing the viral turkey crossing video. And then Click the video below. You will definitely be amused! After taking a look at the video make sure to share any turkey jokes you have, below the article.


Turkey Stops Traffic so Others can Cross Safely

A turkey in New Hampshire decided not to cross the road until the rest of the turkeys he was traveling with made it safely across.

Posted by Fox News on Saturday, March 16, 2019

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