How Did This Furry Friend Become Mayor In California

Lately, it seems politics have been a sensitive topic. Protests, votes, and politicians have been some of the pressing issues the country has been talking about. Currently, in a world full of negativity, we can offer some hope.

In a town in California, they recently voted on a new mayor. Not just any old candidate, but a cute and furry one. His name is Max, and he is a Golden Retriever.

Idyllwild, the town that voted the pooch into office, is located in the San Jacinto mountains. The town has a homey feel to it, where the community is unbreakable. This spot as mayor runs in his family; before his uncle was elected mayor in 2012.

Not only is this interesting but Max was the first ever mayor of Idyllwild. Phyllis Mueller, a staff member for mayor Max commented,

“Six years ago, Idyllwild decided to elect its first mayor.”

Next, she continues to describe the candidates and the voting process:

“You had to be a local resident, but you couldn’t run yourself, you could run your pet. In a voted election, 14 dogs and two cats ran and we decided to have an election to raise money for the animal rescue. So you paid $1 a vote and you were encouraged to vote a lot.”

The Honorable Max II spends a lot of his time on his cruiser. That’s right he has his own car too! This pickup truck is decked out in pictures of him. He can be seen riding in it to meet and greets, store openings, and much more. Max cruises on every day throughout town. Tourists love to come to visit to meet the unusual elected candidate.

As you can see he has quite the ride!

“His role is to make the world a better place by conveying unconditional love and doing as many good deeds for others. My role as the chief of staff is to help run the vision of the mayor’s office for Idyllwild, so we actually run an actual mayor’s office.”

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