How one strongly worded letter to the evil people who dumped him, changed everything for one lucky dog

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Brooke Rapozo is a member of the staff at the Kings SPCA Center in California. So, when she happened upon this dog, obviously abandoned in the woods, she decided to take action. Brooke wrote one strongly worded letter to the evil people that dumped that sweet dog like garbage.

She had no idea, though, what was about to happen next.


They found Banjo all by himself in the wilderness — terrified, starving, and confused.

strongly worded letter
Image Screenshot from Kings SPCA Halfway Home via Facebook Video

Someone had just abandoned the poor thing to fend for himself.

Brooke was so horrified at Banjo’s circumstances; it drove her to take some severe action.


“Dear The Callous POS owner of this dog, today, we noticed a couple of emails from people that had noticed your dog had been abandoned. We decided to drive over, and see if we could help. Sure enough, there he was. He hadn’t left the place you made him stay. He was being a good dog,” wrote Brooke.


“He stayed close to the last place he saw his favorite person in the world. He thought you were coming back. He was watching every car that would come down the road hoping it was you coming back for him.”

strongly worded letter
Image from King’s SPCA Halfway Home via Facebook


Your dog has been freezing, hungry, and scared for days because you are a heartless piece of crap. He waited for you. He was so hungry that he was eating sticks. Nice people had stopped to drop off food, but he was still so hungry and confused.”


“But even with food sitting in front of him, he knew he had to wait for you to come back.”


“He waited for you.”



Brooke didn’t hold anything back.

“He isn’t a bad dog. He is a very good dog. You were a bad friend. You abandoned someone that would give his life for you.”


“Someone who would lick the tears off your cheeks, and the leftover food from your plate when you were done eating,” Brooke wrote.

Check out this video they took on the day of the rescue:


Well, the post with the letter went viral, and Banjo quickly became one very popular dog.

And people from all over the world submitted applications, hoping to adopt the sweet boy named Banjo.



We are happy to report that it worked.

One fortunate family in Northern California had just the type of environment at their home that Banjo needed.

strongly worded letter
Image from King’s SPCA Halfway Home via Facebook

As you can see, Banjo, now named Jake, is living the high life now.

Thanks to one very strongly worded letter, Jake has brothers, sisters, a creek to play in, and a family that will never leave him to fend for himself.

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Featured Image from King’s SPCA Halfway Home via Facebook

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