Hungry Dog Wouldn't Eat Until She Knew Her Puppies Were Safe

A group of kids playing near a construction site stumbled upon six tiny puppies. Thinking they were doing the right thing, they gathered them up, took them home and started bottle feeding them.  Little did they know the pups mother was off looking for food. She was now missing her puppies. Unfortunately, the kids realized the puppies needed more attention, medically, than they could give them. They contacted Hope for Paws, who graciously agreed to come out to take the pups. Rescuers returned to the construction site only to find a very hungry dog missing her puppies.

Image by Hope for Paws

One hungry dog eager for the return of her puppies.

The rescuers were kind enough to put the puppies in a tent with plenty of blankets. They put the tent where they’d been found, hoping their mother was nearby. As it turned out she was right around the corner. Before long, the mamma dog emerged, absolutely terrified and super protective of her babies, not wanting to lose them again.

Image by Hope for Paws

They offered her some food, but she refused to eat. She was clearly nervous about the safety of her puppies and continued growling at the rescuers. They knew they had to act quickly. Despite her warning growls, they slipped a leash around her neck, saving her.

Image by Hope for Paws

Reunited with her puppies.

Even after they had her leashed and away from the wall, she continued to lash out at the rescuers. Though the puppies were safe, mama was nervous about what would become of her babies. The only thing to do now was prove they were okay. First, they would have to get mom and babies out of the construction site. So, they picked up the tent carefully and walked mom and pups to the waiting vehicle.

Image by Hope for Paws

They put the mother into the tent with her babies, where she finally felt safe and relaxed enough to eat a little bit. The property where they were found used to be a citrus grove, so rescuers decided to give the family citrus-themed names. The puppies were named Valencia, Bergamot, Ponderosa, Satsuma, Mandarin and Clementine, and the mom was named Navalina.

Image by Hope for Paws

The puppies were rushed to the vets for their first checkup.

Image by Hope for Paws

The entire family was taken to the vets where they were given a clean bill of health. Thanks to their mama who, despite being homeless, kept them safe and fed. Now, Navalina and her puppies are safe in a foster home where they won’t go hungry. The puppies got bigger and fluffier! So much cuteness in one picture…

Image by Hope for Paws

Happy family photo!

Though their story starts out in a terrible situation, Navalina and her babies are happy. She was terrified of people, at first, but now she enjoys the company and treats. She awaits the day her tiny family will find forever homes. Watch the touching video below to witness the rescue by Hope for Paws;

Featured Image by Hope for Paws

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