Scared Deer Goes Limp In Hunter’s Arms When It Realizes Why He’s There


With hunting season upon us around the country, you may be used to seeing photos shared on social media of hunters with dead deer. That is in fact, the goal of hunting, to kill a deer and process it for meat. However, this story that you are about to read involves a hunter and a deer in a different kind of ending. Instead of killing the deer, this hunter saves a scared deer’s life. Read on.


The scene starts with a scared deer caught in the fence wire.


A man is seen in the following video, rescuing a deer that is caught in a fence. This is not a quick and easy release. It takes some time as you will see when you view the footage. This hunter knows full well the danger that is involved when working with a frightened wild animal. Though a deer may not likely lash out with a bite, it can cause severe bodily damages to a human. A swift kick to the head or a blow to an internal organ could send a person to the hospital or even kill him or her.

scared deer


Watch as this man works tirelessly trying to free this scared deer with a hind leg caught on the fence. It is not for the faint of heart to watch if you have compassion for what animals go through when they are terrified. But hang in there because it has a happy ending I promise. Notice how the scared deer goes limp in the man’s arms as he tries to free it.

scared deer


A Great Save!


Be prepared to celebrate along with this compassionate hunter as the deer is freed. This man could have kept driving on by, or maybe he could have called the game commissioner that may have taken hours to arrive at the scene as the deer struggled in pain and fear. It’s refreshing to watch such an act of compassion such as this.


Source: Saving Buck by ViralHog

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