Hurricane Harvey Is Wreaking Havoc On Texas Animals, People Flock To Help We Are Amazed

Hurricane Harvey is all over the news.  People are doing all they can to make sure their pets get out safely. However, some are abandoning them. It’s easy to complain and point fingers but we don’t know each story and it doesn’t do any good to complain while pets are in desperate need.

The photos coming in on Social Media show devastation and also heroic efforts by people other than the owners, to get them out safely.

There are ways that you can help.  A site has been set up on Facebook called Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue Needs and Offers to Help.  The site has been set up so that people can directly assist in specific needs. Each post contains information of pets needing to be rescued along with the addresses of where to find the animals.

People with boats are reading the posts to gain information on where to find the stranded animals. Others are posting direct needs.  One post that just came in had an address with info saying a 75-year-old couple was forced to leave their cat behind when police would not allow them to carry the cat out on their laps.  The post also says that the man is so upset over their cat that he is vomiting.

Others are posting info along with photos of found pets.  Many posts are similar to Audrey Gortner’s post which reads, “Found this dog off Cypress Station Drive. He’s safe, warm, dry at my apartment. Hoping to find the owners.”

If you are feeling hopeless while seeing images and posts like this coming in, there is something you can do to help.  Visit the site and see where you can send food or a donation.  Also, consider adopting or fostering.

Shelters across the country will soon be filled with displaced pets from the hurricane. Click here to learn more of what you can do to help.

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