If you are having a terrible day, these sleeping kitties will make you smile again

If you are one of those people who will delete an app on your phone to make room for storage but leave all of your sleeping pet photos on there, read on. Sleeping animals can be so cute and in the process of looking at them, they can brighten our moods. This collection is all about sleeping cats. Each photo is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

But why sleeping cats? Most felines sleep over half of the day away. They seem to have the ability to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Hence, the name cat naps that people have adopted as their own behavior. We can learn a lot from cats, and one of those things are that we need to rest. Let’s take a look in detail at just how some cats get their sleep in. Some of the poses, you may not want to try at home. Let’s take a peak.

Yoga Anyone?

Just imagine how flexible you’d be if you could sleep like this kitty.

Have You Ever Had a Dream About Eating?

It looks like this cat is dreaming about eating something. Maybe ice cream?

Help, I’m Falling!

Many people have dreamt of falling. I wonder if this cat is in the middle of one of those kinds of dreams. Or maybe this kitty is a world-class diver in the middle of a competition.

Out Cold

This feline must be a hard sleeper. Or maybe it’s just been one of those days.

Sleeping In Class

Some of us can relate to this one.

Absolutely Adorable

I bet this kitty could get away with just about anything. So cute!

Smiling Is Good For the Soul

We all benefit from smiling, and it’s always better to be happy together like these two sweethearts.

So Sleepy

Have you ever been so tired that you couldn’t keep your head up? Many of us can relate to this cute cat.

An Athlete In The Making

Athletes often put their feet up on walls to stretch out and reduce inflammation after a workout. It looks like this track star is preparing for the competition.

Best Friends

Research reflects that sleeping next to our pets helps reduce stress, lower cholesterol and make us happier beings. From the looks of this photo, I think the same benefits are felt for this cat.

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