Ignored Cat Was Pawing At Window, Then Someone FINALLY Noticed Her!

This beautiful cat loved her human very much but was left all alone one day, when her owner died.

Heartbroken she was sent to the shelter where she paced back and forth.  She was desperate to find someone that would love her the way she was used to.  She was begging and pawing at the window as people passed by, but sadly they thought she was too old.

“Senior dogs, especially those with medical problems or disabilities, face a much greater chance of euthanasia at shelters than younger dogs because it is difficult to find adopters for them due to their shorter additional life expectancy and unknown veterinary costs.”

People surrender their elderly pets to shelters for a number of reasons. Since senior pets have often been with a single family their entire lives, the reasons for surrender tend to be more serious, such as:

  • Relocation or death. The human may be moving to a senior living center or have passed away.
  • Financial difficulties. Drastic increases in a pet’s medical costs due to age-related health problems may produce bills that are impossible to pay.
  • Lifestyle change. Sudden disruptions, such as divorce or job loss, can lead many to give up their senior pets.

Then one day a woman FINALLY stopped, and it was love at first sight.. Watch This heartwarming video below 

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