IKEA Store Opens Its Doors To Stray Dogs To Keep Them Out Of The Cold

A truly heartwarming story is occurring right now at an IKEA store in Catania, Italy. Employees here are well aware of just how cold and cruel winter weather can be. Especially for poor homeless dogs who have nowhere to go. So the store has opened its doors for the pooches, and a video of the event has gone viral, TheAnimalRescueSite notes.

This sweet dog has a chance to rest and stay warm thanks to these kind people. Screenshot by raf.kw via Instagram

Kudos To IKEA Employees For Caring About Dogs

Employees at this store couldn’t stand seeing the poor pooches out in the cold, so they welcomed them inside. The dogs have warm rugs to sleep on and are being fed. But here’s the really great news: employees and members of the public are adopting them!

When Vittoria Taccia Gabrielli posted a video on Facebook featuring the stray dogs resting comfortably inside the store’s Christmas display, it went viral quickly. To the tune of more than one million views. The gentle dogs were obviously thrilled to be out of the cold but were very well-behaved. Meaning they were perfect candidates for loving homes.

How lovely that this dog could relax in comfort and warmth! Screenshot by raf.kw via Instagram

All around the world, people have hopped on the social media to praise the store’s open-door policy for the dogs, ABC News reports.

“I’m overwhelmed by so much love and understanding for the poor dogs,” noted one commenter from Germany.

Another commented:

“I returned this evening from Sicily and unfortunately I had to see that the stray is widespread, I wanted to save all those dogs. Beautiful initiative.”

The store in Catania was following a similar policy practiced by IKEA stores in the U.S. The Swedish company, partnering with pet charities, initiated the “Home for Hope” campaign to encourage people to adopt strays.

An adorable dog in a beautiful setting. Screenshot by milazzo_livio via Instagram

The store is even conducting professional photo shoot sessions for the canines. And the photos have been placed in several showrooms. Seriously, how wonderful is it that these people are doing what they can to help dogs, who give us so much, yet ask for so little in return?

Featured image by raf.kw via Instagram

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